Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design Software

Software packages for mechanical calculation and cost evaluation of pressure vessels and heat exchangers in accordance with
ASME Section VIII, AD 2000, VSR, VSG and EN13445.

A complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design

The aim of this software is to produce a calculation report suitable for the certification of the equipment, which can be submitted both to the customer and to the inspection authority. At the same time the software allows the design engineer to optimize every single part of the equipment without exceeding the limits laid down in the reference code.

Different international codes may be used on the same vessel:

  • ASME VIII Div. 1 & Div. 2
  • EN 13445
  • AD 2000 Merkblätter
  • WRC Bulletins 107 / 297
  • Zick, Brownell Young, etc.
  • ASCE, UBC, Eurocodes, NTC, etc.

Ease of Use

A user friendly 3D interface allows the user to easily and quickly define the vessel geometry.

Detailed descriptions, online help and multiple figures enhance the input forms, no need to read complex manuals before starting to actively use the software.

The calculation is performed in real time and the results are always well visible to the designer and can be printed in PDF or Word format.

All-in-one package

All calculations performed in a single package

  • Internal and external pressure
  • Jacketed vessels
  • Nozzle loads
  • Vessel supports (saddles, legs, skirts, brackets, etc)
  • Wind and seismic loads
  • Structural analysis of vertical vessels

Each license is fully customizable depending on the end user needs

Thermal design

Thermal design of shell & tube heat exchangers, waste heat boilers, feed water heaters and air coolers.

As H.T.R.I. (Heat Transfer Research Inc.) member, Sant’Ambrogio can carry out thermal calculations using H.T.R.I. software and can also provide the thermal guarantee for the designed equipment.

Finite element analysis

Design and fatigue analysis by means of finite element calculation.

Sant’Ambrogio can carry out linear and non-linearstatic calculations, transient thermal analysis, linear and non-linear dynamic verifications, as well as fatigue verifications according to the provisions of the main calculation codes (ASME VIII div.2, EN13445-3 Annex B and C, VSR, AD2000 and other codes).

Design Oriented

Automated design for flanges or even complete heat exchangers help the designer in finding the best solution in less time.

The semaphore clearly shows the calculation result in real time and any error or warning is well detailed with references to the calculation code.

The results are always updated at any user input

Clear and complete reporting

All calculation data are clearly presented on the final calculation report, that can be easily customized and exported in PDF and MS Word format.

Full printout of the calculation results with the design formulae used, ready for presentation either to the customer or to the inspection authority; maximum allowable design pressures are also shown in the printout; faulty results are outlined in red characters