About Us

Our mission is to provide software and consulting services
for engineering companies.

Who We Are

COMPUTERS & ENGINEERING was founded in 1989. For more than 30 years, our main target has been to provide consulting engineering services as well as to support for the software needs of structural engineering companies. This profession requires experience in a wide spectrum of structural engineering and a dynamic hardware/software knowledge to assure quality of our services.

Hundreds of software companies produce structural engineering software; our position is to locate the best solutions for our clients. Being well accepted in the market since more than 30 years, we are able to provide this kind of service which requires an advisor who does not carry the flag of any producer. Therefore we work like your own engineer providing continuous support and solution to them.

Our experts locate and evaluate all software all around the world and assess them according to client requirements, usign their skilled engineering judgement. We are in the engineering arena since 1968, this search never stops. Furthermore we also verify if those software companies are strong enough to withstand the next 10 years of complex software market. In other words, those companies should not be closed within 10 years after our clients have lisenced the software. We do not sell software only, but also provide engineering and software solutions to our clients' engineering problems including consulting.