Tekla add-ons to automate repeat design processes including Piping, Conveyors, Gantries, Portal Frame Buildings, Vessels, Tanks, and mechanical components.

The Piping Add-On for Tekla Structures allows you to model piping and pipe fittings within your Tekla Structures model. The software works in a very similar fashion to Tekla Structures, with a simple user interface and online library structure.

ParaMatic Piping is an Add-On developed by ParaMatic (Pty) Ltd, a South African based company. The founders of ParaMatic battled for years with different piping and plant cad packages.

Working in different platforms to do piping and structural steel work resulted in constant clashes on site and frustrations with adapting the steelwork to suit the pipes and vice versa. No software can be matched with Tekla when it comes to steel detailing capabilities and all it needed was the ability to detail piping with the same capability. Together with our developing capabilities and the Open API provided by Tekla. ParaMatic developed a piping add-on which allows you to do just that.

There is nothing more powerful than software developed by engineers for engineers as we understand the environment, its challenges and limitations as well as the need for automated design. The ability to model piping in unison with the structural steel work gives you the power and workflow no other software does, minimizing design error and clashes caused by using dual software platforms to model piping within the steel work and equipment environment.

ParaMatic uses Tekla for detailing, design and plant layout. With over 80 years of combined experience in the mining and process sectors, we are pioneering the use of the common model for projects. We aim to automate the drawing office and bring quick, innovative and cost-effective solutions forward.

ParaMatic Tekla add-ons helps to automate repeat design processes including Piping, Conveyors, Gantries, Portal Frame Buildings, Vessels, Tanks, and mechanical components.

ParaMatic Piping for Tekla allows us to route and support piping within the structural model and issue spool drawings and MTO’s instantly. Line specification, line size and in line equipment is library-selected and revision in real time is possible. The integration of ParaMatic Software and Development Solutions with Tekla Structures software enables us to deliver faster, more efficient automated solutions across various industries.


All fittings are driven parametrically and updates with the change or movement of the connected Pipe. Pipe supports are also connected to the pipe position and size. The Library is based online where all Piping Standards are obtained from, and promptly added where missing.

  • Bolts are automatically added and length calculated
  • All fittings work with steel and plastic piping
  • All fittings are parametrically driven and updates with every pipe size change or move
  • The fittings are driven by an online database driven by the community, managed by ParaMatic. The fitting will not be inserted if it does not exist.

Drawing and Reports

Drawings are generated automatically from modeled items. Most dimensions are added and generally requires a few seconds of clean up per drawing.

Line Drawings

A line drawing for each line. Indicating the entire line and marking different spool pieces.

Spool Drawings

Spool drawings are generated for each line. The spool drawings are easy to fabricate from and includes a detailed bill of materials for each spool piece.


Reports are generated in excel or HTML format for each selected line. The reports include: But-out List, Material List, Instrument Lists, Spool Assembly Lists, etc.

Pipe Supports

Pipe supports are added by selecting the support member and the pipes to be supported

Supports are parametrically driven and adaptive. With the update of any of the pipes, the support will adapt and update.

U Bolts are automatically added including the holes to keep them down. They will also show up on the buy out list, provided the chosen U Bolt is not custom. A drawing will be generated for all custom U Bolts.

U Bolts can also be added manually and will adapt to the selected pipe size.

Pipe support drawings fall under steel detailing and using the Tekla functionality drawings and reports are easily generated.