Automatic Plate Nesting Software

AutoNEST V9 incorporates one single powerful nesting engine, NestPRO that maximizes stock usage and minimizes wastage. It is a low-cost and efficient tool for materials requirements planning and cutting plans production.

AutoNEST has contributed to both time and material savings for industries utilizing steel plates, sheet metal, wood for furniture and foam among others.

The software can run as an independent Windows application or as an integrated AutoCAD solution to handle a variety of nesting applications for Laser, Flame, Routing, Punching, Water-Jet, Wire cutting …etc.

Nesting Engine

  • True-shape nesting
  • Irregular stock nesting - with mark-outs
  • Resume-Nest or Continue-Nest
  • Multiple levels of Parts-In-Part
  • “Extended” nesting option

Parts / profiles

  • DXF or DWG files.
  • Part Priority for each Part
  • Filler Parts Quantity.
  • Parts with “lead-in” /“lead-out” /micro-joints /corner loops.
  • Able to distinguish cut profiles from details


  • Support Metric & Imperial / English units.
  • Reports include quantity /area /perimeter of Parts nested.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, NT4.0, XP, 7, 10 compatible PC
  • CAD with reads DXF files