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With Tekla Structures Carbon you can

Plan, track and manage all of your design, detailing, production and erection activities. You can open all types of Tekla Structures models, drawings and generate reports when needed. You can also track and follow the progress of a project, add information to the model, define erection sequences, control approvals, view production status and schedules, and more.

With Tekla Structures Graphite you can

Create, manage and share multi-material 3D models for design purposes. You can also create general arrangement information such as general arrangement drawings, schedules, reports, and 3D models. Additionally, you can use Tekla Structures Graphite to create site layout drawings of reinforcement and even pass the information to bar bending machines for off-site rebar work.

With Tekla Structures Diamond you can

Create, manage and share multi-material, fully detailed 3D models. You can also use Tekla Structures Diamond throughout the project, from conceptual planning to creating all the required fabrication information. In short, you have the full power of Tekla Structures at your fingertips.

To find out which Tekla license is best suited to your needs, see Tekla Structures Online Licenses page.

Named User licence

We have simplified our license offering. We have ended the sale of Standard, Flex, and Worldwide licenses for new customers and for existing customers without active subscriptions.

The Named User license is personal and is restricted to a specific individual user through their Trimble Identity. The Named User license type has no limitations on the country of use, so you can use it globally. The Tekla Structures Named User license also includes Tekla Model Sharing and Trimble Connect Business Premium licenses.

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