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3D Structural Steel Detailing and Fabrication Management Software

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3D Structural Steel Detailing and Fabrication Management Software

Design, Detail, Fabricate and Erect All Steel Structures on Time and on Budget.

Tekla software portfolio covers the entire steel workflow from engineering design, detailing and fabrication management all the way to site operations.

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for structural steel detailers and fabricators. You can create a detailed 3D model of any type of steel structure from industrial and commercial projects to stadiums and high rise buildings. Working with detailed, constructible Tekla Structures models minimizes costly surprises and rework, and allows more profitable projects with total process optimization..

Using the Tekla PowerFab software suite for fabrication management makes the 3D model the visual, accurate source of information throughout the fabrication process.

Working with Tekla software is the most productive way to manage your fabrication process, including design and detailing and realize the benefits of the model in fabrication and erection. This gives you total support for delivering your projects error free and on time.

With Tekla you can

  • Avoid detailing errors and minimize the need for rework in fabrication.
  • Manage changes in a 3D model and save time
  • Avoid human errors: Drawings, reports, and CNC information are automatically generated from the model
  • Optimize the fabrication process with intelligent interfaces
  • Manage fabrication in real-time
  • Use the 3D model to plan fabrication and erection
  • Enhance communication and coordination with other departments and project parties using the 3D model

Benefits of BIM and MIS

Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) software brings advantages to the shop, the site and the office: Coordinate design, detailing, fabrication and site operations for an enhanced, more automated workflow. The integration of BIM and fabrication management information system (MIS) provides intelligent and well organized information for the entire workflow including real time fabrication management, data for CNC processing, material handling and enables robotic assembly & welding.

Structural Steel Estimating

Fast and accurate estimates: All tools for model-based estimating workflow to manage risk, win more bids and grow profits

Tekla PowerFab suite provides you a powerful estimating workflow. Enjoy accurate material take offs, quick data entry, customizable pricing, and certainty that everything is covered in your bid.

With Tekla Structures you can quickly create conceptual models and generate accurate quantity take offs for estimation and bidding. Having a 3D model creates a more visual and professional presentation at the bidding phase that will help your clients to better understand the whole project. This provides you a powerful sales tool to win more projects.

Model-based working helps you ensure that project can be built efficiently in terms of time, cost and safety. You can easily share the model and project documentation with any interested parties using Trimble Connect.

Create realistic bids and cost estimates

Effective project coordination

Communicate your steel concept

With Tekla you can

  • Produce high-quality estimates with accurate model data that includes all material, time and costs
  • Discover alternative structural solutions and compare bid scenarios
  • Ensure constructability of your project and find potential problems early
  • Present your bid clearly and visually to your client

Steel Detailing

Detailed as-built models

Create and benefit from accurate, detailed Tekla 3D models. Easily create all structures with full details, and automatic clash checking ensures that costly conflicts are exposed in the model – not on the shop floor or on site.

The power of Tekla Structures modeling is beyond anything else on the market. You can easily build and manage even the largest projects in one model. You can also cross reference with other models from different disciplines such as MEP or plant design.

Drawings are fully integrated with the model, providing powerful yet easy change management. Drawings, reports, and CNC data can be automatically created from your 3D model whenever required. Easily share any data using Trimble Connect.

Work with an as-built 3D structure

Create all drawings, reports and fabrication data automatically from the model

Work efficiently

Share the workload. Build and use the model together.

With Tekla you can

  • Build models with all structural elements and details including welds, bolts and all other structural items
  • Expose conflicts before it is too late with automatic clash checking
  • Manage changes and their implications
  • Generate fabrication and erection drawings with details and 3D visualizations from the model
  • Automatic marking of parts and assemblies
  • Generate CNC data directly for fabricator's machinery
  • Interface with plant design and analysis software

Steel fabrication

Unleash the power of truly connected fabrication

The new Tekla PowerFab software suite is designed to make your fabrication operations efficient. Using the model throughout your fabrication workflow ensures an improved and empowered project management and real time, seamless information flow between all departments.

When Tekla Structures model is the source of information, you always have the same consistent data, be it for material lists, reports, fabrication drawings or data for the production office, shop floor and CNC machines.

For production planning and management, Tekla PowerFab offers tools for a smooth, continuous and real time flow of information throughout the fabrication operations. Route material and jobs through production in the most effective way possible and record and track production progress in real time - also on mobile devices.

Production status such as the progress of CNC machines and welding stations, can be monitored directly and visually, in real time from within the model. This helps you plan and observe projects and production accurately and with full confidence.

With easy to use mobile solutions, everybody has access to all relevant fabrication information, including the visual 3D model. This helps fabrication personnel to better understand the work in progress and improves both the efficiency and quality of production.

Tekla for all your fabrication management needs

Work effectively with complementary technologies

Get the most out of the detailed 3D model

Mobile solutions bring the model to the shop floor and on site

With Tekla you can

  • Interface with the industry leading technologies like CNC, MIS, PLM, ERP, detailing software, nesting solutions and more.
  • Use the model to plan and track project and production status
  • Stay on top of changes in estimating, scheduling, procurement and production management
  • Share project information using Trimble’s mobile solutions and streamline the process

Steel erection

Plan erection sequences with on-time delivery to the site

Plan construction projects, follow-up progress, and keep all parties of the supply chain well-informed using Tekla software. Sharing visual status in the 3D model enables clear and effective coordination and tracking of construction project progress.

Plan your truck loads and deliveries, optimize crane locations based on lifting capacity to ensure fast and safe project completion.

The information rich 3D model enables better project understanding by making problem areas easier to identify and resolve. 3D visualizations make communication and coordination with the client, site crews and other trades straight forward, improve understanding of the project, and enable flexible response to changes, in the office and on site.

Plan erection sequences with the model for optimal site deliveries

Coordinate the project visually and meet deadlines

Bring clear model information to project and site meetings

With Tekla you can

  • Plan and manage transportation and logistics
  • Plan, arrange and coordinate production schedules and logistics based on the site requirements
  • Stay on top of changes and always work with the same information as others
  • Utilize the model information on site
  • Enhance communication with Trimble’s mobile solutions

All structural projects

All project types and sizes, even specialized projects

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for all types of projects. Speed up your work with an extensive library of standard connections for different types of projects. You can create a detailed, constructible 3D model of any steel structure from everyday industrial and commercial buildings to stadiums and high rise buildings. Working with Tekla is the most accurate, integrated way to manage detailing, production and erection.


Collaborate and share design and detailing data, material requirements and project status from design to erection phase of metal buildings. Save time with specialized PEB tools and achieve a smooth workflow.

Light metal framing

Tekla Structures is ideal for modeling light steel structures (aka light metal frame / light gauge steel / cold rolled steel / metal studs / modular). Design and plan all building elements within the one model, ensuring that all the data is accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible.

Miscellaneous steel

Create constructible models of miscellaneous metal work such as stairs, ladders, handrails and sheet metal work.

Aluminium curtain walling and facades

Using Tekla Structures also for your facade elements or aluminium curtain walling helps to collaborate with architects, clients and other project parties easier. Detect possible collisions in multimaterial environment. Solve complicated connections, issues, and plan logistics and erection sequences in a realistic constructible model.

Model or combine different types of projects into one model: all parts of the structure including not only steel and concrete, but also a variety of facade elements, such as glazing, gaskets, fixings and more.

Build your own adaptable components and tools using extensive and flexible Tekla Structures API.


You can model even the largest structures. Everything in a project fits into a Tekla model: 4D visualizations, pipes, welds and bolts. You can also use the model to get information about weight of the structure and the position of the center of gravity, and the information also serves maintenance and eventual decommissioning. Interface with plant design software reference models to support accurate design. Benefit from the model throughout the structure lifecycle.


Utilize an accurate 3D modeling environment for steel, concrete, timber and composite bridges and increase productivity through higher automation of fabrication and better project management.

Transmission towers

Detailed transmission tower models include everything from foundation layout to tower components and connections. Tower components and other tools boost efficiency in design and detailing.